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- Agroalimentary Biomass Integral Development

ORIGINAL TITLE: Aprovechamiento Integral de Biomasa Agroalimentaria


FROM 2016 TO 2018

ENTITY: Comision Europea


IP1 : Ramon Canela


IP2 :Jordi Eras


The food industry in Europe produces around 230 million t/year of waste and by-products. APRIBA aims are to develop new processes to transform waste and residues of different origins in products with a higher added value. The aim is a cascading exploitation that will help to develop a low-carbon economy by taking advantage of the different components of biomass in order to obtain commercial products, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, glycogen or biogas, or other new compounds to be applied as antimicrobials, fuel additives, solvents. In addition, to obtain polymers and products for the storage of thermal energy. For this purpose, the different raw materials will be fractionated into acylglycerides, proteins and carbohydrates by employing sustainable processes where it is possible. Biocatalysts will be used for the hydrolysis of proteins and chitin, in the fractionation of fatty acids, the deproteinisation of glycogen and in the preparation of glycosidised derivatives from glucosamine and other carbohydrates obtained in the course of the project. Biotechnology will be one of the crosscutting technologies to be applied. Within the framework of the project, economic studies will be carried out on the final viability of the processes and the products obtained.