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HYBRIDTIM - Design and construction on environmental high performance Hybrid Engineered Timber Buildings


FROM 2021 TO

ENTITY: Comision Europea


IP1 : Pilar Giraldo


The majority of today’s buildings are designed and constructed in concrete and steel, producing large amounts of greenhouse gases, i.e. carbon dioxide (CO₂), into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change and global warming. Experts agree that CO₂ absorbing timber is an ideal construction material, when grown in sustainable managed forests, for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Use of engineered wood combines a potential for prefabrication and rapid construction with lower embodied energy and potential delay of carbon emissions during the building’s lifetime. Timber is being used more and more in the construction sector, both in the EU and worldwide. Project HybridTim aims to fulfill the future demands in higher education of students in design and construction of high environmental performance hybrid engineered timber buildings by trans-disciplinary innovative student-centered learning approaches.