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- Lignocellulosic waste transformation to high value products

ORIGINAL TITLE: Transformació de residus lignocel·lulòsics en productes d'alt valor

CODE: 56 30083 2019

FROM 2017 TO 2022

ENTITY: Comision Europea


IP1 : Ramon Canela


The main goal of this project is to increase the economic value of lignocellulosic materials by converting them to a value-added product using eco-efficient methods. This innovation process should open several new market niches and improve the competitiveness of agricultural cooperatives. The increase in value would be given by the products obtained (cellulose and lignin), which are natural products, and they have a great interest for several industrial sectors (food, cosmetics, production of bioplastics, etc.). These biologically products are obtained after the extraction of the lignin. Therefore, lignin can be considered as a chemical platform from which a variety of products, with high added value, can be obtained.