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TANFORLOC - Production of tannins from local white pine by-products to replace the use of non-local species to mitigate climate change.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Producció de tanins a partir de subproductes d’escorça de pi blanc local per substituir l’ús d’espècies no locals per mitigar el canvi climàtic

FROM 2022 TO 2024



IP1 : Neus Puy Marimon


IP2 :Pere Rovira


The main goal of this project is to extract tannins and other aromatic compounds from white pine bark from Catalan forests with the capacity to be used in the leather coating process. This will make it possible to use locally resources to replace the current supply of tannins from mimosa and quebratxo of non-local origin (South America and South Africa) in the leather coating in order to mitigate the impact of the climate change. In order to achieve this purpose, different tannin extraction methods will be developed using conventional solvents and ionic solvents, and depolymerisation processes in ionic solvents, using or not catalysts from different origins, in order to obtain polyphenolic compounds for its application in leather coating. Subsequently, the properties of the compounds obtained on a small scale are evaluated and compared with commercial tannins. Once the best methodology for obtaining these products has been designed and the process has been tested in the hair coating process, a scale-up test of this process will be carried out in a pre-industrial size reactor and its viability will be assessed. Finally, the impact mitigation of climate change caused by the substitution of non-local raw materials for those proposed in this project (local slag and new tannin extraction methods) will be evaluated. The aim of this project is to contribute not only to the mitigation of climate change, but also to encourage the use of local raw materials, such as white pine needles, to obtain bioproducts within the framework of the circular bioeconomy. Translated with (free version)