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CEBIOREF - Boosting circular economy through the development of biorefineries processes from local wood biomass wastes

ORIGINAL TITLE: Impulso a la economía circular mediante el desarrollo de procesos de biorrefinerías a partir de residuos locales de biomasa maderera (CEBIOREF)


FROM 2022 TO 2024

ENTITY: Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades

PROGRAM: NextGenerationEU

SUBPROJECT 2: Adding value to wood lignocellulose by preparing likely commercial compounds

IP1 : Neus Puy Marimon


SUBPROJECT 3: Obtention of added-value products from thermochemical processes for chemical, agricultural and bioadhesive applications

IP1 : Gemma Villorbina


CEBIOREF aim is to achieve a wide portfolio of high added value products obtained from the lignocellulosic biomass of pine, oak, and chestnut trees using different technologies to contribute to the development of biorefineries in Catalonia and Spain. Biorefineries are processing facilities that convert biomass into chemicals, biofuels and other materials by using different technologies.