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The team

Eras, Jordi


Associate Professor, accredited full professor, in the Department of Chemistry at UdL. I have a degree in Sciences, Chemistry section, from the University of Barcelona and I did my thesis in Organic Chemistry at the same university. Later I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Lleida (UdL), in 2003. In 2005 I joined the Department of Chemistry of the University of Lleida as Lecturer after a period as Part-time Associate Professor. I reached Associate Professor in 2010, and during all these years I have been a member of research groups of ETSEA-UdL. In the early stages, since obtaining my PhD degree, my research was related, on the one hand, with the use of glycerol, by chemical and enzymatic synthesis, to obtain value-added products. On the other hand, developing chromatographic methods for the determination of metabolites, in collaboration with other groups of the ETSEA. These activities involved participation in 10 research projects, 21 contracts with companies, 30 articles, 4 patents and participation in numerous national and international conferences. I am currently part of the consolidated group Biotechnology and Agricultural Bioeconomy (2017 SGR 828) of the University of Lleida that received funding in the last call. My research activity has been conditioned, on the one hand, by being the director of the Chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric Techniques Service (TCEM) since the foundation of the Scientific-Technical Services of the UdL (SCTs) in 2005. Secondly, the same year the DBA Center was constituted and admitted into the Technological Innovation network of ACCIO (at that time CIDEM) where I was co-founder and I am the Director of the Chemical Area of the Center. My dedication to the DBA Center has resulted in the management and participation in various research projects and technology transfer agreements with companies related to the Bioeconomy/Circular Economy. The main activity is based on the use of chemical and enzymatic methods for the transformation of biomass into value-added products. Over several years, the Center has worked on the use of fat by-products (oil production residues and also animal by-products), protein by-products, food fibers and other by-products from fruit juice production materialized in 13 projects, 9 publications and 4 patents. As a result of this stage, 20 contracts have been signed with companies related to the center's areas of specialization, such as the valorization of agri-food by-products. Most of these contracts with companies correspond to projects for which the company has received CDTI funding. As director of the SCT TCEM, I am in charge of directing and coordinating the technical staff and the tasks of the Service. These activities have involved relations with other research groups of the University of Lleida, with those of other universities and research centers, both national and foreign, and with numerous nearby European and South American companies. Since the beginning, hundreds of services to companies and institutions have been carried out, 22 agreements have been signed and 19 articles on chromatographic methods linked to mass spectrometry have been published.